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Building Plan Approval Process In Lagos State

Posted by bricksandclaypro on May 4, 2024

Building in Lagos State, Nigeria’s economic hub, requires careful planning and following the rules. One of the first steps is getting approval for the building plan. This guide explains the Lagos State building plan approval process. It is for developers, architects, and people who want to build or buy a house.

Why is building plan approval important? Building plan approval is needed before you can start building anything in Lagos State. It shows that the building plans comply with zoning, safety and environmental rules. Securing building plan approval helps to make sure that everything is done legally, that investments are safe, and that the development is sustainable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Plan Approval:

Preliminary consultation: Prior to the submission of building plans for approval, developers and architects are encouraged to have a preliminary discussions with the relevant authorities. This initial discussion allows for clarification of regulatory requirements, identification of potential challenges, and alignment of proposed designs with zoning and building codes. Also, the authorities will advice you on all the required document to submit along side the building plan. An example of such document is the projects structural drawing papers and your tax clearance which will be verified by the LIRS to confirm if its up to date. Ensure that all required document are submitted to prevent delays in the process.

Preparation of building plans: Upon completion of preliminary consultations, the building project owner or architects can proceed with the preparation of a detailed building plan in accordance with the regulatory guidelines. The building plan should include architectural drawings, structural drawings, site plan and any other relevant documents that provide details of the proposed building project.

Submission of building plan: Upon completion of the building plan, the developer or architect submit the plan to the appropriate regulatory authority responsible for the approval of building plans in Lagos State. Depending on the project location, the building plan submission center may be the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) or the local planning office within the relevant local government area.

Review and assessment: A thorough review and evaluation is carried out by the regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with zoning, building codes and environmental standards upon receipt of the building plans. Several departments, including town planning, engineering, environmental and fire safety, may be involved in this process.

Corrections and Modifications: In some cases, building plans may require corrections or modifications to address discrepancies or non-conformities identified during the review process. The developer or architect will be notified of any deficiencies and given the opportunity to make any necessary revisions to the plan prior to re-submission.

Issuance of Building Plan Approval: Upon satisfactory review and verification by the regulatory authorities that the building plan meet all requirements and standards, they grant building plan approval. This formal approval is the authorization for the commencement of construction work in accordance with the approved plan and specifications. Note that once your plan has been approved or marked for approval you will be required to pay a fee which is calculated based on your proposed design. Fees are paid at the bank using the revenue code and agency code to fill out the bank teller.

Site Inspection and Compliance Monitoring: The project site will be inspected by the authorities twice. Mainly to confirm if what you documented in your presentation is in line with what is on ground at the project site.

On both occasions the Site Inspector, Charting officer, Architect and Site Engineer will write their report.

Once the project commence, Routine inspections by regulatory authorities to monitor compliance with approved building plans, safety regulations and environmental guidelines are carried out throughout the construction process. Building project owners are required to adhere to approved designs, obtain the necessary permits for construction activities, and promptly address any deviations or violations.


It takes diligence, patience and compliance with regulatory requirements to navigate the building plan approval process in Lagos State. Developers, architects, and homeowners can streamline the approval process, mitigate risks, and ensure successful outcomes for their building projects by following this guide and proactively engaging with regulators. Remember, getting a building plan approval is not just a legal requirement – it is a critical step in realizing your vision for a safe and a sustainable building project.

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